June Meeting - Guest Speaker Lisa Moreno

  • Thu, June 13, 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Visalia Country Club


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by Roberta Gemini


Native Fresnan Lisa Moreno, newly elected Central Region Vice Chair of the California Republican Party, moved as a child with her family to various Valley towns. She graduated from CSU Fresno and then from UC Davis, with honors, as a Physician Assistant Specialist in 2002. She has dedicated herself to diverse experiences in medical service, especially as physician assistant. She is affiliated with Community Regional Medical Center.

Her son, Guillermo Moreno, is well known to Valley talk radio audiences. Currently heard on 1680 AM KQED, he was born and raised in the Valley, graduating from San Joaquin Memorial High School and going on to receive a law degree. He developed a popular style of political engagement via radio. Lisa Moreno credits him with changing her into a Republican, and she herself is president of 1680 AM KQED.

Lisa Moreno received the endorsement of the California Republican Assembly, as did Peter Kuo, newly elected CRP Vice Chair, so the future looks bright for conservative policies in California’s Republican Party leadership. Ms. Moreno is now serving on the CRA’s board of directors, as Deputy Senate District Director #8.

She is proud of having received John Cox’s endorsement in her literally very hard-driving campaign to secure her election as CRP Central Region Vice-Chair. “I campaigned for about seven months,” she relates, “and put 5,000 miles on my car.” A popular speaker, she is always on the go. Her 10-year-old daughter Hadasah asks her mom, as she is being picked up from school, “Which county are we going to today?” Besides son Guillermo and daughter Hadasah, Lisa Moreno has a 24-year-old daughter, Lisette.

Ms. Moreno’s willingness to put many extra miles on her vehicle is key to her goal of mobilizing grassroots volunteers that Republicans can rely on to travel from county to county as needed to counterbalance the large work force that Democrats can turn out, some of them paid. She feels this is essential until a large enough volunteer base is developed in each area. She is especially concerned about the Voters Choice Act. (See official information this issue.) Its changes present greater challenges to getting out the Republican vote.

Lisa Moreno wants more than anything to find ways to appeal to voters who may not be registered Republicans yet, but who are deeply distressed by Progressive government policies. She would also like everyone to know that it is we Republicans who are the party of compassion.

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